Jet Through can prepare CCTV drainage inspection reports of the inside of a drainage system, to establish the condition of the pipework and locate any defects, blockages or collapsed sections.  We can also include our drain tracing and mapping where required.

It is important to monitor the condition of a drainage system as problems can lead to issues for properties. We can also establish the efficiency of a drainage system identifying problems which may lead to future blockages, leaks or flooding.

We use the latest drainage CCTV equipment, in order to investigate faulty pipes, drains and sewers remotely by sending a camera through the drainage system.

Comprehensive drainage surveys deliver full reports on the condition of drains, sewers and pipelines. Problems can be identified by examining the close-up footage allowing our engineers to advise the most efficient and effective way to resolve problems.

After completion of a drainage survey, a full report is provided.  This report includes live footage and images of the pipe runs, detailing the entire system along with technical recommendations for remedial action where required.