Jet Through offer pipe lining service to customers throughout the UK who may have damaged or defective sections of underground pipework.

Solid waste can catch and block pipes, creating breakages that allow water and effluent to escape into the surrounding area creating a health and safety risk.

Pipe lining negates the need for an expensive and messy excavation process to repair pipework, which can be time-consuming as well as causing disruption to your site.

Using CCTV survey, Jet Through will determine the precise issue with your piping.  Once that has been identified and suitable access available, Jet Through engineers carry out a non-invasive repair using a pipe lining system which installs a smooth sleeve into the line which covering the defective or damaged pipework to allow full and free flow to be restored.

Once the unblocking system is completed, Jet Through will thoroughly test the system to ensure everything is flowing well, taking care to clean and disinfect the entirety of the affected area.