The roots of trees and shrubs can cause significant damage when it comes to drains. Jet Through have the experience and the expertise to ensure that we address the issue effectively.

We use specialist cutting techniques to prevent roots from causing continued damage and to remove the problem.

There are many ways of dealing with roots. We do not use chemical methods as they can cause issues with your drainage systems which can potentially result in pollution of ground water, rivers and canals and poses a risk to the environment.

Roots can get into pipes through cracks, joints and substandard pipe work in search of liquids on which to thrive. The roots can start small and insignificant but over time can grow and become substantial. A pipe may easily become blocked through the obstruction caused and potentially the collars, which are a feature of drain design, can be damaged by the roots.

Jet Through can deal with all issues caused by roots and can easily remove them and repair the drains.